Retired FDNY Fire Fighter Joe Miccio Set To Bring Chess Teaching Tool Back To NYC Toy Fair

Joe Miccio Plans To Celebrate The Silver Anniversary of His Patented QuickChess By Returning to the American International Toy Fair

                                                                                                                          Feb. 14, 2017

Grandmaster Susan Polgar had her first chess lesson in her family’s apartment in Soviet-controlled Hungary at age four. The lesson was taught by her father, child psychologist Dr. Lazlo Polgar. Dr. Polgar had a theory that any child could become a genius as long as they are taught a structured and specialized curriculum from a young age.

It worked, too. By the time Susan was 12, she won her first of four Women’s World Titles. Even with all his success, Dr. Polgar struggled to introduce a streamlined version of the experiment into other homes and schools worldwide. Then, he met Joe Miccio.

Miccio is a retired FDNY Firefighter who became a smoke eater after a 10-year stint in the NYPD. Between shifts, Miccio had tinkered with the chessboard and eventually invented a tool known as QuickChess, a simplified version of the game that teaches players the rules and strategies through a series of mini-games.

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