Since it was introduced in 1992, "QuickChess®" has won multiple awards, including: The Parents' Choice Gold and Classic Awards, Dr. Toy Best Children's Vacation Products, National Parenting Publications Gold Award, Top Kids Games of the Year – Games Magazine, Three Star Award – Canadian Toy Testing Council, National Parenting Center Seal of Approval Award, and the United Kingdom's Good Toy Award.

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"QuickChess®" has also been reviewed by many chess champions, magazines, newspapers and featured on national television:

“QuickChess is a quick and easy entrance into a challenging game, especially for kids."  — Grandmaster Susan Polgar, 4-Time Woman’s World Chess Champion

“For Intellectuals and children…QuickChess is great!” — Forbes FYI Magazine

"QuickChess is fun for grownups as well as children. For ages 6 and older, it may have your kid swearing off checkers forever." — National Parenting Center

“It is a way of getting your toes wet in the game without being overwhelmed.” — Newsday



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